NextChair Ergonomic Chairs are high quality ergonomic chairs that are kept affordable. Keeping our prices low and affordable to the masses, is a key principle of our company.


By lowering our profit margins for each chair, we are able to keep prices affordable. We however strictly do not compromise on product quality. We invest heavily in R&D, product quality checks, and high-quality materials including German-engineered mesh materials. 


Other brands charge a higher price for their chairs, due to them spending heavily on marketing, influencers, Youtube, and social media advertisements and expensive showroom rentals.


A bulk of the amount you pay therefore goes into paying for these costs, plus paying for their brand name. 

At NextChair, we prefer to invest in our chairs, eliminate all unnecessary costs and pass on the savings to our customers. 

At NextChair, keeping prices affordable is our fundamental principle. 


NextChair invests in R&D, product quality checks, and high-quality materials, but we accept a lower profit margin to keep prices low. 

Other brands spend heavily on marketing, influencers, expensive showroom rentals, and subsequently pass on these costs to the customer, in addition to high markups and high-profit margins. Thus you pay a premium price, on top of paying for their branding.


At NextChair, we eliminate all unnecessary expenses and deliver premium quality ergonomic chairs directly to you without marketing, retail rental, or other costs.


We are a direct-to-you online brand. We invest in R&D and high-quality materials including German engineered mesh materials but keep our profit margins low, so we can pass on the low prices to our customers.

Affordability is a key principal of NextChair. We invest in high quality materials, but accept a lower profit margin to keep our prices low. 

As such, we choose NOT to have expensive showroom rentals, which will only increase the prices of our chairs. Therefore, we display our chairs at our office so we can keep our prices low and pass on the savings to our customers!


Office Location:
22 New Industrial Road #02-20/21 Singapore 536208 
(Primax Building) 


Mon - Fri: 9am to 6pm 

Weekends: Please contact us to arrange timing


Please note viewing by appointment only. Please contact us in advance at: 87580217

NextChair uses a specialised combination of high-density reinforced fabric and high quality polyester in our Mesh material. This unique hybrid design is German engineered, and is designed to maximise both comfort and durability.


The result is an extremely durable mesh that is both cooling and breathable at the same time. It provides your body with ergonomic support, while being comfortable enough to sit on for long hours.


Inferior types of mesh contains a high amount of cheap plastic which feels hard and uncomfortable. Our chairs however contains a unique composition amount of high quality polyester to fabric that is soft to the touch, yet with strong durability. 

NextChair offers FREE Delivery and FREE Installation!

All products are kept securely in our warehouse and installed by our professional installers just a few hours before your arranged delivery timing.  Chairs are also covered in a protective covering during delivery.

Now you can spend less time worrying, more time enjoying your new chair!


Please note there are surcharges for the following scenarios:

1. No-lift-access deliveries are subjected to an additional $20 per floor.

2. Deliveries to islands (including Sentosa and Jurong Island) are
subjected to an additional $20 per trip. 

3. Re-delivery 
Please note that someone needs to be present to accept the chair. In the scenario that delivery is arranged, and no one is present to accept the product, we will not leave the product at the doorstep. It will be considered a failed delivery.  We will then contact you again to arrange a re-delivery, and you will be subjected to a $50 re-delivery fee. 

4. Disposal service is not included. 
Should you require, kindly notify us in advance, disposal service is charged at $20 to $50 per item. 

Delivery Arrangements:

Delivery is from Monday to Saturday between 10am to 6pm. You can specify your desired delivery date upon checkout, and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred timing.

LUXE's Dimensions


CLASSIC's Dimensions

Both LUXE & CLASSIC models are ergonomic chairs suitable for both work & gaming. NextChair LUXE is our premium model with more features, and CLASSIC is our entry-level model. 

Main differences: 

  1. Classic model has an adjustable backrest that Luxe does not. 
  2. To adjust the back support, Luxe comes with an Adjustable Lumbar Support. 
  3. Luxe has an adjustable forward tilt function, that allows the entire backrest to tilt forward slightly, supporting your back when you lean forward at your desk. 

Both LUXE & CLASSIC models are suitable for: 

Height: 150cm - 190cm
Weight: Maximum of 130kg