NextChair takes pride in delivering products of the utmost standard to all our customers. Should there be any defective products that do not conform to our standards will warrant for our Warranty Policy, or Exchange Policy. 


All purchases are final. However in the scenario that the product is defective or has any functional flaws that do not conform to our standards, the product will be replaced with a similar model. To warrant for any exchange. Any defects must not be cosmetic. Any cosmetic / aesthetic defects / damage from misuse of the chair are not covered under our exchange policy.
Defective products refer to a loss in functional ability such as an inability to operate the chair, and or the defect causing a risk of bodily harm when using the chair.
If it is determined that certain parts are defective, we will replace the parts as per our Warranty Information. Only in the scenario that the defect is extensive, and not repairable by replacing parts, we will do a one-for-one exchange. Under the exchange policy, we will collect the product, and replace it with new product of the same model. 


Our exchange policy is applicable to all functional parts of the chair. Aesthetic defects, wear and tear and damage from misuse are not covered. 

Exchange policy covers against loss of use of the products and manufacturer defects. As such, the following are not covered.

Wear and tear including but not limited to, gradual change of structure or loosening of mesh material, wear and tear of lumbar support, top of arm rests, abrasions of castor wheels, and tightness of levers and mechanisms and surface marring due to coming in contact with walls/floors/tables  and other surfaces.

Any shall be voided with immediate effect if unauthorized repair / modifications is made to the product. This includes any parts that has been modified / altered / replaced with unauthorised or unofficial components not provided by NextChair. Any defects or damage caused to the product by failure to in wrong installation / application / maintanance to the product or components that are not in accordance with NextChair's published instructions.

Any minor aesthetics or cosmetic differences or variations which does not affect the usage / functionality of the product. 

Any damage caused by acts of god, acts of nature, including but not limited to fire, rain, flood, or any accidents which were caused by external factors. 

Any damage caused by failure to adhere to NextChair's published instructions and guidelines, including but not limited to, failure to adhere to maximum height and weight limit, improper loading, improper cleaning or usage of the product in unsuitable or unsafe environments or conditions. 


 All exchanges shall be on a case to case basis.

When requesting for an exchange, please provide full details.

(1) Proof of purchase and
(2) Photo or video indicating clearly the defect.

We are unable to verify your claim of defects without either (1) or (2) 
Your claim is dependent on the date that all full details were received I.e. If you purchased our product on 1st Jan 2022, and made a claim on 31st Dec 2022 with only (1) Proof of purchase, and only sent in (2) Photo or Video evidence of defect on 2nd Jan 2023, your warranty would be considered to be in the 2nd year. 

Steps to make exchange claim:

Please submit your request here.Upon verification of the defect, we will respond accordingly.


Refund is on case by case basis.
If payment was made through our website, our website uses Stripe payment gateway to ensure secure transactions. Stripe charges a fee of 3.4% + $0.50 for every successful transaction. Therefore the amount for refund will be minus stripe fee of 3.4% + $0.50.